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Celebrating Legislative Wins in 2024: Washington State Stands Up for Immigrants

At OIRA, we actively promote our mission by advocating for and advancing policies and legislative actions aimed at enhancing the well-being of immigrant and refugee communities in Seattle. Annually, our office conducts analysis, provides feedback, and endorses various proposed policies that align with the city’s legislative agenda. As a Welcoming… [ Keep reading ]

Providing Legal Services to Newly Arriving Asylum Seekers and Migrants 

The Seattle area is not alone in receiving an influx of migrants and asylum seekers over the last few months. Unfortunately, there’s no easy solutions or national model for sheltering and caring for asylum seekers. The expertise required to tackle the issues at hand, including the emergency management, sheltering, transitional… [ Keep reading ]

Корисна інформація для громадян України – Helpful Information for Ukrainian Nationals

Public services and benefits currently available to Ukrainian Nationals Ukrainian Citizens Currently in the U.S. may be Eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Humanitarian Parole (Uniting for Ukraine Program) How to Apply for Refugee Status How to Apply for Asylum Travel to the U.S. as Ukrainian Nationals Державні послуги… [ Keep reading ]

New Policy to Rush Families Seeking Asylum Through Immigration Court Will Erode Due Process, Undermine Equal Access to Justice, Say Cities and Counties Representing Majority of Impacted Families

Versión en Español 中文翻譯 한국어 번역 Dịch tiếng Việt አማርኛ Soomaali Led, by the City of Seattle, mayors and county leaders representing nearly two-thirds of all asylum-seeking families on a new, accelerated court docket sent a letter to the Biden administration opposing this new policy and asking the administration… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Durkan and Council President González Celebrate Today’s Supreme Court Decision that Allows DACA to Continue

Versión en Español 中文翻譯 한국어 번역 Dịch tiếng Việt Vow to continue supporting local undocumented residents with free legal consultations for DACA-recipients Services Will Receive Priority Distribution Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court announced that the Trump administration is not permitted to immediately proceed with its plan to end the… [ Keep reading ]