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Celebrating Legislative Wins in 2024: Washington State Stands Up for Immigrants

At OIRA, we actively promote our mission by advocating for and advancing policies and legislative actions aimed at enhancing the well-being of immigrant and refugee communities in Seattle. Annually, our office conducts analysis, provides feedback, and endorses various proposed policies that align with the city’s legislative agenda. As a Welcoming… [ Keep reading ]

Providing Legal Services to Newly Arriving Asylum Seekers and Migrants 

The Seattle area is not alone in receiving an influx of migrants and asylum seekers over the last few months. Unfortunately, there’s no easy solutions or national model for sheltering and caring for asylum seekers. The expertise required to tackle the issues at hand, including the emergency management, sheltering, transitional… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Harrell Signs Executive Order Supporting Culturally Responsive Victim and Family Support Services for Immigrant and Refugee Families

El alcalde Harrell firma una orden ejecutiva para fortalecer servicios de apoyo culturalmente sensibles para víctimas y familias migrantes y refugiadas 市長 Bruce Harrell 簽署行政命令,支持為移民和難民家庭提供文化響應式的受害者和家庭支持服務 Harrell 시장, 이민자 및 난민 가족을 위해 문화적으로 적절하게 대응하는 피해자 및 가족 지원 서비스를 지원하는 행정 명령에 서명하다 Thị Trưởng Harrell Ký Sắc Lệnh… [ Keep reading ]