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Shine a Light in Support of Immigrants and Refugees


We join with Mayor Ed Murray, the City Council, and other city departments in refusing to repeat the discriminatory chapters of our past, especially throughout these dark days of the unconstitutional and unAmerican executive orders.

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs has been proud of the recent rallies and protests all over the region and the nation in support of immigrants and refugees. Here’s another opportunity to show your support of unity and inclusion. It’s time to send a bright, unmistakable message of resolve and unity in support of immigrants and refugees.

On Wednesday, February 1 at 7:00 PM, go outside and shine a light from your home or wherever you are – be it a candle, a smartphone, a lamp, or a flashlight – and post pictures to social media using #ShineALight. Together, we can show hope and unity as we fight back against dark forces seeking to divide us. In addition to protest, we need action.

You can find out more at the Facebook event page here.

Please support organizations that are assisting immigrants and refugees threatened by President Trump’s orders, such as Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, and ACLU of Washington.